Embark on a captivating visual journey with 'Discovering my Quisqueya,

An evocative collection that delves into the heart of the Dominican Republic. As a passionate Photo Enthusiast, I, Miguel A Paoli, found inspiration in rediscovering my birthplace, Villa Duarte, Santo Domingo. Born in 1951, I migrated to New York, NY, U.S.A. in 1963, escaping the shadows of the Trujillo dictatorship alongside my parents.

Over the years, amidst changing political landscapes, sporadic visits to the Dominican Republic became a canvas for capturing life’s essence. While conversations with friends usually revolved around tourist destinations, it wasn’t until my retirement that my love for photography truly flourished. Introduced to digital SLR photography, I embarked on a visual exploration, especially during our travels.

My lens, once focused on picturesque locations worldwide, took a turn when we revisited the Dominican Republic. It sparked vivid childhood memories of Villa Duarte—the Playita located at the Cliffs of theCapilla Nuestra Señora Del Rosario, Rio Ozama, Plaza Marina Bartolome Colon, and other cherished spots. Through the lens of a Photo Enthusiast, my images reflect the simplicity and agrarian beauty etched in my boyhood.

Although I acknowledge the challenge of capturing my boyhood memories digitally, I strive to convey the life, beauty, and simplicity that define both rural and urban Dominican Republic. These images encapsulate the essence of my memories, steering away from typical tourist destinations.

Today, as a retired senior citizen rooted in Villa Duarte but culturally assimilated into Washington Heights, NY (affectionately known as Little Dominican Republic), my story continues. While Washington Heights has its own narrative, it’s a tale for another time.

I hope these photographs resonate with your own childhood memories or perhaps evoke recent recollections. Whether you’re appreciating the compositions or seeking to connect with the stories behind them, feel free to ask any questions. Thank you sincerely for taking the time to explore and immerse yourself in this visual journey.

Warm regards,

Miguel A Paoli”